My TV is Evil - The future is now!

Comic 142 - The future is now!

19th Sep 2011, 1:34 PM
The future is now!
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Unka John 19th Sep 2011, 2:44 PM edit delete
Unka John
Will it be a 3D TV with a 2D picture?
Steve the Mew hunter 19th Sep 2011, 3:06 PM edit delete
Steve the Mew hunter
bnortondavies 19th Sep 2011, 3:59 PM edit delete
@Steve the Mew Hunter: Don't blame me if you're too cheap to upgrade!

@Unka John: That's right, buddy; 3 Dimensional TV, 2 Dimensional picture, 1 Dimensional character.
vwyler 19th Sep 2011, 8:06 PM edit delete
Yes sir, I second it... EVIL!!! ;)
Jsoma 19th Sep 2011, 8:18 PM edit delete
I have to get a 3D monitor and glasses AND I have to call CenturyLink to upgrade for another $80 a month?!!

Count me in.
machinehead 20th Sep 2011, 1:22 AM edit delete
Once they have 3D internet porn, i'm in.
bnortondavies 20th Sep 2011, 11:09 AM edit delete
@vwyler: Aw shucks, you always say the nicest things.

@Jsoma: You won't regret it, I assure you.

@machinehead: It's only a matter of time- I'd start doing weights with your wanking arm right now in preparation.
mathias42 28th Sep 2011, 12:53 AM edit delete
3d porn would be TERRIFYING
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